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ESA in Colorado

Colorado State Chapter Presidents & Treasurers 2015 – 2016

*No new information received

*Alpha Beta #5390 - Fruita

President:  Jami Jones

Treasurer:  Jami Jones


Alpha Delta #178 - Pueblo

President:  Copey Agnes

Treasurer: Copey Agnes

Alpha Gamma #174 - Denver

President:  Donna Lea Van Stone 

Treasurer:   Donna Lea Van Stone 


Alpha Lambda #231 - Greeley

President:  Ruth Mary Lyons

Treasurer:  Ula Rae Adler 


Alpha Nu #535 - Akron

President:  Debra Gallippo

Treasurer:  Carol Benjamin


Alpha Omega #299 - Pueblo

          President:  Bernice Elich

          Treasurer:  Bernice Elich

Alpha Omicron #770 - Salida

President:  Norma Conroe

Treasurer:  Jacque Williams


Alpha Phi #327 - Golden

President:  Juanita Larson

Treasurer:  Linda Noell

Beta Alpha #5416 - Aurora

President:  Mary Humphrey

Treasurer:  Mary Humphrey


Beta Epsilon #357 - Ft. Morgan

President:  Stephanie Bearden 

Treasurer:  Alberta Simmons

Beta Nu #510 - Pueblo

President:  Jeanne Cacciatore

Treasurer:  Jeanne Cacciatore

Beta Zeta #3149 - Canon City

President:  Mary Elin Stratton

Treasurer:  Nancy Trebella

Chi Kappa #5129 - Denver

President:  Chloe McClantoc

Treasurer:  Rita Martin

*Delta Chi #5052 - Akron

President:  Pamela McKay

Treasurer:  Kim Krause

Delta Theta #1898 - Denver

President:  Yvonne Farrell

Treasurer:  Marylou Paris


Epsilon Chi #1836 - Rangely

President:  Brenda Hopson

Treasurer:  Arleen Huff

Epsilon Epsilon #1896 - Denver

President:  JoAnn Singley

Treasurer:  Joan Schlaefer

Epsilon Zeta #2320 - Delta

          President:  Laura Morris

          Treasurer:  Thelma Starner

Gamma Chi #3668 - Loveland

President:  Kathy Fischer

Treasurer:  Kathy Ellingson


Gamma Kappa #3265 - Denver

President:  Jane Viers

Treasurer:  Carol Steininger

Gamma Omega #4306 - Akron

President:  Annie Kuntz

Treasurer:  Jessica Filla


Gamma Pi #1200 - Longmont

President:  Dorothy Chandler

Treasurer:  Dorothy Chandler

Gamma Tau #3371 - Northglenn

President:  Betty  Kring

Treasurer:  Marjorie Satterfield


Kappa Iota #5442 - Golden

President:  Georgia DeLong

Treasurer:  Joan Snyder


Kappa Zeta #5571 - Colorado Springs

          President:  LOri Herinton

          Treasurer:  Rose Sinnamond 

Omega Chi #4842 - Florence

President:  Brenda Gardner

Treasurer:  B. J. Schmidt


Sigma Rho #5014 - Loveland

President:  Susie Morris

Treasurer:  Mary Thomason


Theta Eta #2830 - Denver

President:  Joyce Fuller

Treasurer:  Maxine Vasey

Zeta Chi #3878 - Ft. Collins

President:  Hellen Hagel

Treasurer:  Cheryl Beavers

Zeta Omicron #4016 - Cedaredge

 President: Cathy Westlake

Treasurer:  Shirley Clayton

Zeta Rho #1774 - Aurora

President:  Shirley Telinde

Treasurer:  Loydette Knight

Zeta Tau #2064 - Colorado Springs

President:  Janet Mohler

Treasurer:  Dana Bell


Click here for Colorado Chapter Presidents & Treasurers - password required.

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Colorado Area Councils 2015-2016

*No new information received

Denver Alpha Council

Meets the 4th Saturday (Sept., Nov., Mar., Apr.)

          President:  Shirley Conway

          Treasurer:  Rhonda Westcott




Alpha Gamma, Denver

Alpha Phi, Golden

Beta Alpha, Aurora

Gamma Tau, Northglenn

Kappa Iota, Golden

Zeta Rho, Aurora


Denver Epsilon Council

Meets the second Tuesday (Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., June)

          President:  JoAnn Singley

          Treasurer:  Chloe McClantoc


Chi Kappa, Denver

Delta Theta, Denver

Epsilon Epsilon. Denver

Gamma Kappa, Denver

Theta Eta, Denver


Northeastern Colorado Council

Meets Oct., Mar., Apr. 

          President:  Jessica Filla 

          Treasurer:  Cindy Powers           



Alpha Nu, Akron

Beta Epsilon, Fort Morgan

Delta Chi, Akron

Gamma Omega, Akron


Northern Colorado Council

Meets Sept., Dec., Apr., May 

          President:  Phyllis Minch             

       Treasurer:  Sandy Beavers



Alpha Lambda, Greeley

Gamma Chi, Loveland

Gamma Pi, Longmont

Sigma Rho, Loveland

Zeta Chi, Fort Collins


Pueblo Alpha Council

Meets second Monday of each month. 

          President:  Hope Eason 

          Treasurer:  Jennie Cacciatore


Alpha Delta, Pueblo

Alpha Omega, Pueblo

Beta Nu, Pueblo


Click here for Colorado Council Presidents & Treasurers - password required.
State Convention:

70th Annual State Convention

May 20-22, 2016

Holiday Inn

Lakewood, CO


Colorado Lamplighters 2014-2016




Joyce Fuller

Littleton, CO


Vice President



Candie Patino

Berthoud, CO





Billie Jean Farnham

Canon City, CO





Bonnie Gillmore

Loveland, CO


    Click here for Colorado Lamplighters  Officers - password required.



Rocky Mountain Regional Council Officers





Nancy Cameron



Vice President



Glennis "Gay" Helton

New Mexico





Cleoria Glenn



    State dues ($25) payable to RMRC Treasurer by October 1, 2014

Term of office is two years.

Click here for RMRC  Officers - password required 


Rocky Mountain Regional Roundup

August 12-14 , 2016

NRA Whittington Center

Raton, New Mexico





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International Council

2015 - 2016 International Council   




Executive Board Roster

Appointed Board Roster

PICPA Roster 

All the above require a password


69th Annual IC Convention

July 10 – 16, 2016

Embassy Suites

Loveland, CO

Theme: “Reaching new Heights in ESA”

Hosted by RMRC States  





July 15 - 23, 2017

Doubletree by Hilton Union Station

St. Louis, Missouri

Theme: Looking Back – Moving Forward

Hosted by MARC



Membership Information

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